I first got into advertising 17 years ago. 17 years ago, that's a long time.

I was 20 when I did a Publicis advertising summer school. As a women I didn't realise it was an industry for white males. It's 2019 and it's still for white males. How can this be? I mean it's 17 years on. Something must have progressed.

The things people say, these white males it's really quite something.

'You can have this salary and job as long as you don't get pregnant in the next 3 years.'

'We don't want her back (after 9 years of loyal service) as she'll just have another baby'.

'Women don't know anything about cars.'

'You're always smiling you should work in a nursery.'

Maybe there's hope. One day advertising will change.

What it taught me is that I don’t have to stay silent, otherwise I’m letting the status quo remain and losing my voice.

You need to pick your battles carefully but you can get support.  We all have equal voices.

It’s really uncomfortable as you don’t want to cause a scene and make trouble. If no one says anything though, how will it ever get better.

We are accountable for what we allow into our lives. We don’t have to enable unreasonable behaviour.